The Gnomon Workshop

The workshop is professional training for artists via a series of DVD tutorials featuring leaders in the visual effects industry. Gnomon is an institution that is committed to the education of those who are interested in visual effects. Gnomon includes:

Gnomon School

The physical presence of Gnomon's center for education.

Gnomon Online

A virtual community for learning.

Gnomon Gallery

The gallery at the school where professionals exhibit their work.

Artist Proof Studio

The sculpture work of artists Norm Meyers and Paul Komoda along with guest artists including Jordu.

The Halloween Mask Association

A community of monster mask collectors and appreciators.

Latex Mask Central

Neil Goldsmith's site dedicated to all things regarding latex masks.

The FX Lab

A special effects, mask making, creature design FX community.

Death Studios

Halloween masks, props, costumes and haunted house supplies.

Miles Teves

Visit Miles's great site, with links to his sculptures, illustrations, paintings and more.

Eldritch Design

Produces and sells original fantasy, horror and science fiction sculptures as well as model kits for the collectors' market.


Toi Ogunyoku Jr.'s online portfolio with links to his original sculptures and buildups.  Also produces and sells model kits for the collectors' market.

LA Academy of Figurative Art

Located in Van Nuys, CA, this school offers classes in painting, drawing and sculpture.