N.E.R.D.cast is Not Especially Renowned Dorks talking about all things nerdy and behind the scenes of the entertainment industry.  Hosted by Jordu Schell with various commentators and special guests, N.E.R.D.cast is recorded in Schell Sculpture Studio.

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Episode 1: Jordu Schell, Michael Norman, Paul Komoda, Norman Meyers, and Joey Rocket talk about Christian Bale, Baconaise, Cronenburg, and the new Pepsi logo, among many other things.

Episode 2: Jordu Schell, Michael Norman, Mark Villalobos, Michael Broom, and Joey Rocket talk about Comic book hero origins, Microsoft, Apple, Muppets, and movies of course; also other things.

Episode 3: Jordu Schell, Michael Norman, Norman Meyers, Mark Villalobos, and Ana Preciado talk about the Christmas gift that most impacted them as children and other nerdiness .

Episode 4: Jordu Schell, Michael Norman, Joey Rocket, A.J. Catalano, and Gabriel Koerner (of Trekkies fame) talk about classic video games, Star Trek, and all kind of crap.

Episode 5: Jordu Schell, Joey Rocket, and special guests Rusty Ammerman and Tom Savini talk about Tom’s movies, CG versus practical effects, and Tom’s failed magic act in this on the road edition.

Episode 6: Jordu Schell, Joey Rocket, A.J. Catalano, and Gabriel Koerner talk about CG versus practical effects (again), ape attacks and other fun stuff.

Episode 7: Jordu Schell, Joey Rocket, A.J. Catalano, and Gabriel Koerner are joined by Special Guests Derek Mears and Jenny Flack. Discussion includes Channel 101, Acceptable TV, Slasher movies, and Ben Folds.

Episode 8: Attention, kit-builders: this N.E.R.D.cast is for you (all others are welcomed, as well). Jordu, Joey, Paul Komoda, Norman Meyers, Mark Villalobos, Gabriel Koerner, and Ana Preciado fill out this epically nerdy episode.

Episode 9: This is our sex episode. That’s right, nerds get laid, too (occasionally). Join Jordu, Joey, Norman Meyers, Gabriel Koerner, Jennifer Bailey, and Michelle Collins as they talk about their carnal torments from growing up nerdy.

Episode 10: Another “on the road” episode, this N.E.R.D.cast comes to you from Jordu’s class in Denmark.

Episode 11: This is our “Monsterpalooza” episode with special guests, the Chiodo Brothers. Some topics include stop-motion, movie prop collecting, and the making of “Thriller”.

Episode 12: Another “on the road” episode; this time – Pittsburgh! Hear Jordu nerd-out with his close friends, Mike, Dan and ‘Becca.

Episode 13: Unlucky 13 — this episode is all about candy and movie soundtracks. I dare you not to crave candy during this. Enjoy!

Episode 14: This very special N.E.R.D.cast is a tribute to the late King of Pop. Jordu, Joey, Michelle Collins, Gabriel Koerner, Paul Komoda, Norman Meyers and first-timer, Shane Prigmore talk about the impact of Michael Jackson’s career and the curiosity which ecapsulated his life and his death.

Episode 15: Special guest Mark Jurinko regales us with stories about his years at Stan Winston’s, Brunch with a foul-mouthed Arnold Schwarzenegger, Meeting the King of Pop, and why parents should let kids see scary movies.

Episode 16: The smallest N.E.R.D.cast yet! Three dudes talk about James Cameron’s “Avatar”, adventures at Comicon, and deliberately going to see bad movies. APOLOGIES TO ALL NERDS: We have removed N.E.R.D.cast #16 for the time being. It seems that a certain anecdote has caused some hurt feelings, which is NEVER our intention. So for now, Episode 16 will be a thing of myth and legend.

Episode 16 Edit: This is the insolent episode that was taken down due to a story that was, well… Let’s just say that some lawyers got involved. Anywho, it’s back with the offensive story edited out.

Episode 17: This N.E.R.D.cast is all about the love of bad movies. Jordu, Joey, Norman Meyers, and Nyree Collins talk about “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle”, “Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park”, “The Legend of Billy Jean”, “Rocky IV” and many others.

Episode 18: In this N.E.R.D.cast, Jordu gets together with many of his former students to discuss the pros and cons of anime, women’s roles, and other nerdy things.

Episode 19: What? N.E.R.D.cast? That’s right. It’s back. This is the “on the road” fantasy art episode with more fantasy artists than you can shake a battle axe at, featuring the legendary Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.

Episode 20: Oh, you are in for a special treat, my little nerdlings. This is, indeed, the long-awaited Star Wars N.E.R.D.cast. Strap onto your Tauntauns, because the ride begins here. More Star Wars to come in the future.

Episode 21: Time to give thanks–for horror. On this special horror film N.E.R.D.cast, Jordu, Joey, Norman Meyers and special guest Norman Cabrera talk about horror films and other monstery goodness.

Episode 22: What started out as part 2 of our Star Wars N.E.R.D.casts turned into one of the most rambling, disjointed, scatterbrained N.E.R.D.casts to date. Patience, dear listener.

Episode 23: On the road again, this time in Japan. Jordu has a sit down with legends, Takayuki Takeya, Katsuya Terada, and Yasushi Nirasawa. This is a rarity nerdlings, so enjoy.

Episode 24: This N.E.R.D.cast takes Jordu to Colorado, the home of Halloween mask and propmakers, Distortions Unlimited. Listen as he has a conversation with one of his heroes: mask maker Ed Edmunds.

Episode 25: Many horror films are getting rebooted, among them: “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. On this episode of N.E.R.D.cast we take a look back to the beginning of the franchise, with the star of the original film, Heather Langenkamp.

Episode 26: Belinda Balaski, star of “Piranha”, “The Howling” and much more stops by to chat with Jordu and the gang. Enjoy, Nerds.

Episode 27: Here’s a new N.E.R.D.cast. There aren’t any “special” guests (depends on your definition, really). It isn’t “on the road”. Just a handful of nerds being nerdy.


WE ARE BACK! Episode 28

Can you even begin to comprehend how great your life will be now that we’re back!? Okay, so it won’t be that big an improvement… but, at least you have something to listen to while you slave away at your job. For our triumphant return to the airwaves, we have special guest Megan Areford of ‘Face-Off-Season 1′ with us, and we spend an hour-and-a-half laughing together, making fun of Megan, hearing her profound insights into everything from the judges on the show to her take on the future of cinema. We also discuss a number of other loser topics that can only be discussed by your favorite group of geeks. Norman Meyers, Paul Komoda and me, Jordu Schell–your host–are back. Listen and laff.

Episode 29:
This N.E.R.D.cast is another on-the-road episode featuring award-winning fantasy painter Michael Whelan. This was a great honor for me, and Michael and I talk about everything from his horror art to his childhood experiences to ice cream. Yes, ice cream. Give it a listen!

Episode 30:
This NERDcast had technical issues at first which took awhile to fix… But…everything’s fine now, so laff with us as we welcome back Michael Norman and talk about all various and sundry nerdy thangs.

Episode 31:
The NERDcast is back with special guest, Erin Michael McCash.