Jordu in Los Angeles Times – Battle: L.A.

Jordu Schell with his creations

Here is an article from the L.A. Times about Jordu’s work on Battle: Los Angeles. An album of concept work from this film will be coming to the Gallery section very shortly, so keep checking back for that. In the meantime, enjoy the article.

Update: The artwork for Battle: LA is now online.

Jordu on “The Electric Playground”

The Electric Playground has released a great little interview with Jordu:

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You can watch this and other fun stuff over at the Electric Playground website.

Jordu’s Maquettes for “Avatar” on 60 Minutes

The Navi maquettes are all Jordu’s; however, the faces on the painted figures have been altered from his original sculptures. The clip is short but still cool.

We didn’t leak it (Avatar Pic)

This image was posted on Avatar Movie Zone, and is a behind the scenes shot of James Cameron with a concept bust of the Na’vi sculpted by Jordu Schell. Enjoy.

Jordu talks about “Avatar” some more

And here is an interview with Jordu on, once again, about designing the Na’vi for James Cameron’s “Avatar”.

Jordu talks about “Avatar”

Jordu recently did an interview with Avatar Movie Zone about the creatures in James Cameron’s upcoming film, “Avatar” (duh). Jordu was the Lead Character Designer on “Avatar”, and was responsible for the look of the Na’vi. Click this link to read what he had to say.

Avatar Trailer

The trailer for James Cameron’s long-awaited “Avatar” is online, and you can finally see the creatures of this new world, most specifically the humanoid Navi. Jordu was the lead character designer on these fantastic creatures. From the look of the trailer, they were faithful to his designs. The buzz around this movie has been huge, and the trailer looks astounding. This trailer was downloaded more than 4 million times the first day it was available on Apple Trailers, setting a new record for the site. Look for “Avatar” in theaters this December.


Jordu had the privilege to work as lead character designer on James Cameron’s first film since “Titanic”, entitled “Avatar”. Many of you have been patiently waiting for any information, any news, any tidbit whatsoever from this soon-to-be epic. Well, we respect confidentiality agreements, so mum’s the word from us, at least until “Avatar” is released in December. But an unofficial movie site, devoted to any and all news regarding “Avatar” is now online at Be sure to check out Jordu’s profile.

Shock & Goon Are Famous!

Here is a clip from the most recent episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Our good friend Tom Savini gives a mini tour of his makeup effects program at Douglas Center in Pittsburgh. Thanks, Tom, for showcasing the Goon and Shock masks from your collection.